Winter Pond Care

Pond Care Tips

It’s winter, it’s cold, the last thing you need to worry about is your pond… unless it freezes over…right?

Wrong. With the cold weather closing in it is time to make sure your pond is ready for the winter months. The pond will have naturally been winding down as the temperature has dropped, fish slow down as well as plant life dying back. While not a particularly fun or inspiring time for aquatic lovers, it is an essential part of the pond cycle to help stabilise nutrients, reduce parasites and allow for plants to restock energy levels, all in readiness for spring and summer.

So, what should you be doing for your pond this time of year?

  1. Clear and Clean.

If your pond is more of a feature, this is a great time give it some TLC.

As the pond and its aquatic inhabitants are less active and vegetation isn’t rapidly growing or in full bloom, it’s a great time for a pre-season clean. Clearing the pond of any debris and performing a general tidy up will give preparation for spring and help with the growth and development of the pond. It is particularly important to make sure you remove any dead material as this can slowly affect the water quality and chemical balance.


  1. Habitat reclaim.

If you’re pond was built with wildlife in mind, you’re probably seeing a whole new array of beasties in and around your pond. The dying back vegetation is offering new and brilliant nesting material and offers hibernating animals a level of protection from predators and the cold. Therefore, a full clean should be avoided, but a mini clean and general tidy up should be considered.

The main concern is the threat of your pond completely icing over, which would prevent the absorption of oxygen into the water, and trap CO2. To avoid this, solutions vary widely from pond heaters to floating something on the surface to prevent the ice forming completely over the water. There are no set solutions and many people see different successes.


A maintained pond is a happy pond. We like to think of them as being miniature gardens, a little attention often increases enjoyment. Regular maintenance also avoids huge amounts of work and costs.

Get in touch and find out about our monthly maintenance packages as well as our yearly clean and tidies.

Make sure you keep checking our blog. We’ll be doing monthly updates so you can understand the stages of your pond and how to deal with the common pond related problems. Not just a how to, but a why to. And if you find you need to call in the professionals, you’ll understand what we’ll be doing when we arrive.