Ten Tips for Preparing your Garden for Summer

girl watering plants with hosepipe preparing your garden for summer

Staying at home this summer? Here are our top ten tips for preparing your garden for summer so that it feels more like your very own holiday destination.

Summer is coming and with COVID restrictions slowly lifting, many of us will be opting to relax in the garden as part of a staycation. What jobs can you do to make your garden feel more inviting and better for your wellbeing?

entertaining friends in the garden

After lockdown, we’re all ready for evenings like this – entertaining friends in the garden. But is your garden ready?

  1. De-clutter – tidy away anything that you don’t use every day
  2. Sweep and clean hard surfaces like patios
  3. Fix fences and treat them to a wood treatment
  4. Lawn care – feed your lawn and start a regular mowing regime
  5. Treat weeds 
  6. Remove dead, dying and overgrown plants
  7. Refresh the planting in your borders and add mulch
  8. Step back and assess your garden
  9. Write a wish list
  10. Contact a landscaper for help with major garden makeover tasks

Tidying your garden for summer

Preparing your garden should always start with a big tidying session. With clutter taken to the dump, dead plants removed and fences in great condition, you’ll have a better view of what needs to be done.

Once you have a clear space to work with, it’s time to think about what you need from your gardening and how landscaping could help.

Planning your summer garden

Planning your summer garden starts with a wish list. Not a list of stuff to buy or do – a list of the ways in which you’d like to use the space.

Here’s my list – to give you ideas

  • Barbecuing and outdoor cooking
  • Spending time with adult friends
  • Growing food
  • Amusing the children without using electronics
  • Sunbathing
  • Reading
  • Enjoying a coffee break outdoors
  • Working from home – in the garden
  • Yoga
  • Training my puppy and keeping him out of mischief

With your list of activities in hand, it’s time to think whether your garden will already fulfil your needs, or whether you need to do some landscaping to prepare your garden for summer.

*note – at the time of writing most good landscapers have a waiting list for consultations – please be patient – your new garden will be worth the wait.

pretty water feature

A pretty water feature like this creates a talking point and adds value to any summer garden

Creating a garden design

What do you feel is missing from your garden? What needs to change so that it can meet all of the family’s needs AND looks good? If your new garden will have various zones – how will you travel between them? Do you need a patio, paths, seating areas, shelter? How will you manage slopes, drainage and uneven ground? All of these things can impact the way you use your space.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of designing your garden, I’d strongly advise talking to a professional landscaper or a qualified garden designer.

The team at AB Aquatics includes garden designers and landscapers and we’d be very happy to come and visit you to suggest ideas for landscaping in Dorchester and the surrounding areas.

Take a look at our portfolio page to see some of the gardens we’ve built for other people.   https://ab-aquatics.co.uk/gallery/

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