Summer care for your garden pond

With summer officially around the corner, even though it may not feel like it right now, here’s our top tips you need to know to keep your pond healthy this season.

  • Is there enough oxygen in your pond? Summertime means warmer water and increased activity in your pond, and increased activity from pond creatures and fish may mean oxygen is in higher demand. Adding and aerator or pump will produce the extra oxygen needed.
  • Keep an eye on water levels. Hot weather will lead to water evaporating and therefore your pond water levels dropping. A reduced surface area can mean there is less oxygen available for pond life, so keeping it topped up is essential. Try to use rainwater where possible as tap water has nutrients which can cause algae to grow. If you do have to use tap water, little and often rather than in one go will prevent the cold fresh water shocking fish.
  • Plants and weeds can grow quickly in the warm temperatures and can take over the pond if left. Be sure to keep them at a minimum by removing them from your pond and trimming any you notice regularly. If there is any decaying vegetation be sure to remove these also. Decaying plants can increase nitrogen levels leading to green water.
  • Prevent poor water quality due to overfeeding your fish. As fish activity increases during the warmer months and they tend to grow faster you may be tempted to feed them extra, don’t be convinced.

For any advice on garden pond maintenance or if you want to give your pond a new lease of life, contact our expert team today.

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