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    Oase Bitron Eco UVC Pond Clarifiers


    The NEW Bitron Eco is another product from Oase designed around automatic operation, maximum energy efficiency and outstanding performance. It can cope with large flow rates and has a clever integrated bypass membrane that regulates the distribution based on the water flow, automatically adapting itself to changing conditions such as the Seasonal Flow Control from pumps. A built-in control unit allows you to easily adjust the capacity throughout the year as well as showing the status of the UVC lamp and water temperature. The Bitron Eco also includes an automatic rotor for continuous cleaning of the quartz glass tube and uses a unique UVC lamp (developed in cooperation with Philips) with a 12,000 hour life, 50% longer than conventional lamps.

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    Oase Bitron UVC Pond Clarifiers


    The Bitron C clarifiers are the latest design from Oase and incorporate permanent magnets to prevent calcium deposits, together with an automatic cleaning system to prevent the build-up of sludge and slime on the quartz glass. They have built-in valves to regulate the flow and the UVC lamps are easy to change without the need for tools.

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    Oase Vitronic UVC Pond Clarifiers


    The Vitronic clarifiers from Oase offer very good value for money and come complete with a high quality UVC lamp. They include a visual function to check the UVC lamp and a quick release mechanism for easy lamp changing and cleaning of the quartz glass without the need for tools.

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