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    Oase AquaMax Remote Strainers


    This optional remote strainer can be fitted to the inlet connection of the Aquamax Eco pumps, allowing collection from two parts of the pond at the same time.

    Can be used with 20 – 38mm (¾” – 1½ “).

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    Oase Replacement Lamps for UVCs


    Only with OASE UVC replacement lamps can you be one hundred percent certain that your UVC device will continue to develop the full capacity. Lamps should be replaced at least once a year to ensure that the Ultraviolet radiation is performing at an optimum level (a UV lamp will deteriorate over it’s lifetime and although this may be glowing blue, the effectiveness to tackle suspended algae may be greatly diminished).

    Guaranteed service life of 8000 operating hours. Best possible UVC output power in combination with ballast device and quartz glass. Quality-tested safety for a long device service life. Optimal fit for your OASE device and maintains the guarantee requirement.

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    Oase Replacement Quartz Sleeves for UVCs


    Genuine OASE Quartz Sleeve for protecting the UV Lamp in OASE Ultraviolet Clarifiers. Regular maintenance on your Pond equipment is recommended and along with changing the UV lamp, your quartz sleeve needs checking and replacing regularly.

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