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    Oase FiltoClear Pressurised Filter Sets


    For guaranteed clear water, ponds and water features need a helping hand. Pressurised filters can be easily incorporated into the supply for a watercourse, waterfall, stream or any water feature. They have the great advantage of being located above or below the water level and can be buried almost completely for discreet installation. With a built-in ultraviolet clarifier and biological action, the pressurised filter really should be a fundamental element in the design and construction of all small and medium sized ponds and water features.

    Now incorporating the higher capacity FiltoClear 20000 and 30000, together with the range of AquaMax filter pumps, these sets provide a quick and easy method of choosing professional quality, ideally matched components, all in one box. FiltoClear 3000 & 6000 sets come with 25mm (1″) and 38mm (1½″) hose connections; FiltoClear 12000, 16000, 20000 & 30000 sets come with 38mm (1½″) and 50mm (2″) hose connections.


    Cable Length 10m (pump)
    Cable Length 5m (filter)
    Guarantee 2 + 1 Years
    Rated Voltage 240v
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    Oase FiltoClears with UVC


    The integral back-washing feature makes the FiltoClear one of the easiest pressurised filters to clean. Simply turn the top valve to the clean position and run the pond pump. Pulling the cleaning lever up and down wrings out the dirt from the sponges while the water back-washes the filter maintaining its biological activity. The dirty water can be piped into a drain or onto the garden where it makes an excellent fertiliser. The FiltoClear 16000 has a reflector that increases the UVC performance by 20%. FiltoClear 3000 & 6000 come with 25mm (1″) and 38mm (1½″) hose connections; FiltoClear 12000, 16000, 20000 & 30000 come with 38mm (1½″) and 50mm (2″) hose connections

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    Rock Covers for Oase FiltoClear


    Made of weather resistant, robust material and custom tailored for the OASE FiltoClear. Designed with a natural sandstone look that can be integrated into any pond landscape.

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