Pond & Water Feature Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Ponds and water features run the risk of falling in to poor condition due to the lack of or inappropriate upkeep, care or pond maintenance. Many suffer from problems with water clarity or muddy water, algal blooms or excess aquatic vegetation and changing water levels. A lack of skills and knowledge could result in consequences such as dead or dying livestock, poor visibility and algae problems.

The key to a healthy pond is keeping the water clear and ensuring that plants do not take over. If you have the right balance of plants and oxygen, wildlife and aquatic life will thrive. This is why pond maintenance is hugely important for the health and wellbeing of your pond, plants and fish and as such a regular ponds maintenance plan should be put in place.

Here at AB Aquatics, we understand the time, energy and commitment it takes to maintain a healthy and beautiful looking pond or water feature. With our maintenance packages we guarantee to keep them fresh, clean and healthy. Whether we have just completed your project, or you already have a pond or water feature and are looking for pond maintenance companies to take care of it, we can provide a bespoke maintenance strategy to keep it in top condition and looking healthy whatever the season.

At AB Aquatics, we offer a wide range of pond maintenance packages to suit commercial and residential requirements which can be; a yearly visit to carry out a complete cleaning of the pond including re-potting of plants, replacing UV tubes and bulbs and cleaning pumps and filters; monthly visits maintaining filtration systems and carrying out algae and pond treatments; ad-hoc maintenance including but not limited to pump and filter cleans, pond vac and full cleans.

With the option of paying monthly or annually, each package can be tailored to your pond or feature’s requirements. As every pond is different, each requires a distinct maintenance plan to keep it looking its best and we will be more than happy to advise and assist you on implementing a plan suitable for your pond or water feature and we will work with you to make sure your maintenance package contains everything you require at an affordable cost.

Why not ask us about our all-inclusive package which offers complete attention to your pond and be safe in the knowledge that your pond will be in expert hands all year round?

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