Natural Pools

A well designed and built natural swimming pool also referred to as a natural swimming pond provides the opportunity to swim in fresh, clear, chemical free water while it attracts and sustains an array of wildlife.

There are two main differences that must be highlighted when talking about natural swimming ponds and pools.

  • A natural swimming pool have a high level of water quality on par to most traditional swimming pools just without the chemicals, a swimming pond doesn’t.
  • Cost, a natural swimming pool tends to be of the higher end of the market as the filtration system required is bespoke built and extremely good quality. A natural swimming pond still has a very high spec filtration system but is a little more maintenance rich, but still offers crystal clear water without the high price tag.

Our full and complete design and installation service will help and guide you through designing a natural swimming pond/pond which will complement you home, garden and environment in a harmonious manner.

What Are The Benefits Of A Natural Swimming Pool/Pond?

  • A natural swimming pool/pond is a total biological system with no need for chlorine or chemicals; it develops its own natural ecology and balanced eco-system by being designed and built in a certain way. When the balance is achieved the water is naturally clear like in a mountain lake.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Contrary to popular belief, natural pools are not any more expensive than traditional pools. Although construction costs may be slightly more than the average pool, there are much lower maintenance costs. Keeping up with a natural pool is far less expensive than the constant chemicals needed to keep a traditional pool clean.
  • They are less work. There is no need to monitor chlorine levels and balance the pH, meaning natural pools are a lot less work and stress than traditional pools. They are built to sustain themselves with a natural eco system.

How Does It Work?

Natural swimming pools or ponds are made up of 2 sections roughly the same size, known as the regeneration zone and swimming zone, separated by an internal barrier below the water’s surface. The barrier allows for free movement of water, but prevents vegetation entering the swimming zone.

The regeneration zone is shallow and is planted with a variety of aquatic plants and water is drawn through the gravel and plant roots and acts as a biological filter.

Our design team can help to create the pool of your dreams, whether it’s a rustic naturalistic look or one of more contemporary style.

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