Fish Husbandry

At AB Aquatics We Have Vast Amounts Of Knowledge And Experience When It Comes To Fishery Management.

Fisheries management is all about maintaining the health and quality of fish stocks and aquatic habitats, with a view to making sure that your pond or lake continues to thrive. We can help you with the day to day care of fish in a wide range of habitats and environments as well as give advice on fish spawning and survival rates and take care of the more technical and hands on side of the pond management.

Supplying Of Fish

It’s really important to make sure that you have the right kind of fish for you and your pond or lake. Some will need highly oxygenated water while others may need water to remain cool throughout the year or require more space and food than others. Of course, there is also the risk that some fish may eat the other inhabitants in your pond or lake.

At AB Aquatics not only can we advise on the most suitable fish for you, but we can introduce them to the pond setting on your behalf making sure to minimise the impact on the habitat and any aquatic creatures that may already be living in the pond. We can then help you to make a full plan for taking care of your fish and pond in order to maintain the health of the environment and its inhabitants.

Fish Removal

Whether you are relocating your fish, or you would like to completely remove the fish from your pond, we offer a complete service for fish removal.

Using specialist nets, holding tanks, aerators and oxygen we can remove and move the fish without them suffering from too much stress which is a common issue with all fish, particularly Koi.

We’ll also rehome them for you!


In order for successful spawning and increased survival rates, the environment for fish has to be just perfect. You’ll need to have suitable plants in your pond, make sure you have the right food as protein is crucial, and potentially may need to isolate the eggs to prevent them from being eaten. Our expert team are able to advise you on all aspects of this more complex task of fish husbandry.


If of course you don’t know where to start when it comes to fisheries management, that’s where we can really show off our expertise. We will carry out a complete formal survey and will provide a full service around fishery management.

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