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Silt is a fine sediment caused by the decay of organisms into the water and collects at the bottom of rivers, lakes and ponds. The build up of silt can result in a reduction in water depth or an increase in flooding. It is most common in Autumn when plants die back and trees lose their leaves. Silt removal also known as de-silting is a vital process to maintain oxygen levels in the water and to maintain the water quality.

AB Aquatics are experts in this field and have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering silt removal projects and we can cater for small garden ponds to vast acres of a public park pond. Our wealth of skill and knowledge allows us to do the work needed in the most un-damaging and effective way to minimise the impact of the works on the environment.

Initially we will survey your pond or lake to determine the depth and composition of the silt problem. This is an important part of the process for us to be able to work out and implement the most effective plan for silt removal.

It may be that we recommend regular sludge maintenance and removal of debris. The removal of silt from ponds used to be very messy and time consuming, but new developments make it a far less onerous task. Pond vacuums make routine sludge maintenance rather straightforward and as such regular removal of debris can prevent in the build-up of silt. Speak to us about our maintenance packages

Pond Silt Solutions

However, when the job is much bigger than routine, our skilled operators use specialist machinery such as surface mounted pumps, excavators and dumpers to successfully desilt all types of ponds and lakes. For smaller projects and areas where there may be no access for machinery, we’re quite happy to get our hands dirty and do it manually. We ensure that we leave a site as we’ve found it or ideally better and will make good any mess created by machinery once we have completed the job.

Often the most significant problem to overcome with silt removal, particularly with large quantities, is what to do with the material produced during desilting works. There are strict regulations and often high costs involved to remove and dispose of silt off site. Our experience means that we can find alternatives such as utilising silt on site leading to a substantial reduction to the overall project

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