Low Maintenance Garden

Do you want your garden to look beautiful and well maintained but are concerned over the time and effort that often goes in to caring for it? Or maybe you’ve just brought your first home and want to ease yourself into the gardening world gently. Well, here are our top tips for a low maintenance garden which will still create that WOW entertaining space.

  • Say no to a lawn. Lawns can demand a lot of attention from watering in the dry months, to aerating and de-weeding. But what are the alternatives?
  • Large entertaining spaces are becoming more popular. Seating areas with fire pits or an ‘outdoor lounge’, large patios with pallet benches and cushions, this option is all over Pinterest and isn’t going anywhere fast.
  • Decking is still a favourite. Easy to install and creating practical outside space. Line the sides with pot plants ornaments and fairy lights.
  • Laying woodchips is a great choice if you have children. Line the garden and pour, it really is as simple as that. On occasion you may need a top up, but this soft material is perfect if you have children running around.
  • Keep plants to a minimum. Opt for evergreens or choose a couple of plant types and have a flower bed to keep them in one area of the garden.
  • Utilise hardscaping – decking, paving, stonework, outdoor rooms. All these ‘non-living’ elements require much less attention.
  • Consider a herb garden. Many herbs are perennials which means they require very little maintenance and can add a real green area to gardens of all sizes, and of course is a handy addition for any budding chefs. Mint, chives, sage and oregano are just a few examples that will thrive in any garden.

With careful planning, creating a low maintenance garden is perfectly possible. Speak to one of our experts today who can help you design yours.

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