Our top tips for your Lawn

Lawn Care. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. Be that as it may, it’s a must. Here are a few helpful lawn care hacks, enabling you to spend more time in the garden, doing the things you love.

As we all know, watering your lawn is important. However, in the hot summer months, make sure you are doing it in the evening to prevent scolding your grass. There are varieties of lawns available which are tougher and require much less water and upkeep if you feel you want to preserve water use.

Fertilising prior to rain fall can aid lawns which need a helping hand to recover quickly after being scorched in the summer months or when children have been playing. The water from the rain will help the fertiliser reach the roots and prevent burning of the blades.

Cutting your grass often will help the grass to grow and the roots to spread, helping to prevent gaps. Just like a haircut, regular maintenance will encourage life in your lawn.

Neaten the look of your lawn and garden by defining the edges of your lawn. Trim the edges regularly to stop it growing over the boundaries.

If you’re suffering from compacted grass which is leading to bare or mud patches, aerate the soil using a garden fork. Push into the ground and rock back and forth. This allows for the soil to open and roots to breath, encouraging growth of the grass.

If you’ve tried our methods but are still having problems with your lawn, why not get in touch with our expert team. We can advise and create a bespoke care package to meet the needs of lawn and garden to get it looking fresh and healthy in no time.

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