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AB Aquatics offers full landscaping services, even for those jobs that are a little different or those which may have been described as impossible, making us the choice when it comes to landscape gardeners.

There are many elements that need to be considered with garden landscaping, and usually these will fall under ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ landscaping.

Both soft and hard landscaping are essential parts in the whole landscape creation and in the execution.

Soft Landscaping

These are the elements that are considered as the living parts of your landscape and are easily changeable; plants, dirt, lawns, trees and shrubs all fall in to this category. With so many options and plenty of styles to consider, this is where you can let your imagination run wild, although if you need help with getting a firm direction we will happily advise on a strategy. When considering these elements, it’s important to consider how much time you are wanting to spend on the maintenance of your garden, the functionality of your garden, as well as how well each soft item will compliment the others.

Hard Landscaping

This covers the larger pieces of more hard material which are more difficult to change such as rock, stone and masonry. You could look at this as the ‘bones’ or ‘skeleton’ of your garden. Usually we will consider this first when looking at your landscaping as it could arguably be said to be the more important part of a design. Like when building a house, the foundations need to be sturdy before laying the bricks and so on. It will be the hard-landscaping elements which will divert water and drainage, prevent erosion and be the basis of your outdoor space.

Great landscape design will take both soft landscaping and hard landscaping in to account and see both as essential elements. Striking a good balance between the hard and soft landscaping materials is needed for the overall function of the area and often a landscape can appear incomplete if one or the other is missing.

With clever planning, even the smallest area can be designed and incorporate areas of both hard and soft landscape. Vertical space is great for growing shrubs and trees or hanging a planter on a wall or fence. Raised planters and pedestals with container gardens are also a great way to save on space.

With over 15 years of knowledge and experience, our expert garden designers can take you through everything you will need to know for your project.

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