Ground Works

AB Aquatics Groundworks

The term ‘groundworks’ refers to work done to prepare sub-surfaces for the start of construction work. Aside from any demolition or site enabling works that may need to be carried out, groundworks are usually the first stage of a construction project and may include:

  • Ground investigation.
  • Site clearance.
  • Substructure and ground stabilisation works.
  • Site services.

At AB Aquatics, our team can provide a full range of groundwork services, from site clearance, draining and ditching, through to provision of footings for new builds and extensions for both domestic and commercial customers. No matter what you are looking for we can discuss your individual requirements and complete the work.

Our highly experienced team is fully licensed and trained to undertake all of your groundworks needs.

Groundworks Contractors

Knowledgeable, experienced and armed with the right equipment, we complete projects with minimal disruption to the environment and will always leave properties tidy once your project is completed.

At initial enquiry, our team will come to you to carry out a site survey, following which a quote will be provided to you. Upon instruction, the team will work quickly and efficiently to ensure the work is completed on time.

Groundworks can be a minefield and costs can quickly escalate if proper planning and investigation isn’t carried out, to get half way through works to find a high water table can completely override and cause all works undertaken till then null and void for example causing a lot more costs, at AB Aquatics we can vary out full surveys and site investigations to provide you with the most comprehensive plan for groundworks to greatly reduce any risk of hidden surprises.

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