Poor garden drainage is a common cause of waterlogged gardens. A boggy or mossy lawn is often an indication of a failed or inadequate land drainage system.

If land drains are badly maintained, over the years they will silt up until they are no longer effective, resulting in a waterlogged garden.

Garden Drainage

Where land drainage systems silt up over a long period and their capacity to drain your garden becomes less, there may be a gradual deterioration of the problem.

In other cases, tree roots can block a land drain.  Once the roots have found a way into the drain they can grow very quickly.  In cases where a problem appears over a relatively short period, tree roots are often the culprit.

Often the solution will be to install land drains and soakaways to channel water into the drainage system. These are ditches filled with gravel which transfers water from one area to another. Alternative solutions may include relaying turf or installing eco-grid drainage systems.

We comply with all up to date SuDs regulations with drainage and can advise on the most cost effective and practical solution to all drainage issues.

AB Aquatics’ experience team can replace and fix damaged drainage systems, or for premises which do not have a current drainage system in place, can design and install a system suitable for your site. Our drainage services are available for both domestic and commercial clients.

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