If you’re looking for a practical outdoor entertainment space which looks fantastic, decking is a great option.

With an array of choice in materials and colours, our team can design and install decking which will complement your garden and style perfectly.

The most common types of decking include:

Hardwood Exterior Decking

Used because it’s natural, long lasting and looks great, it is the choice for most traditional decking. With options of woods there is a hardwood decking option to suit most budgets and looks.

Composite Decking

Used because it’s easy to maintenance. A great solution for anyone who wants the look of hardwood decking but can’t be bothered with the maintenance and is available in a wide range of colours, widths and lengths.

Softwood Decking

Made from fast growing trees, such as evergreens or coniferous varieties, meaning it’s fast and easy to process and as a result, softwood is relatively cheap.

The design of your deck is fundamental to the finish of the overall project in terms of visual appeal and meeting its purpose. Our creative and experienced team will help create a stunning solution. From curved or stepped designs, multi-level incorporate seating, storage and planting and it could feature a wide range of integrated lighting.

The opportunities are endless but whatever your needs, and regardless of the size of your garden or area, we’ll provide a solution that revitalises and works with your space.

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