Technical Lining

Firestone EPDM Liners are considered as the best of the best in the market as far as pond liners go. Being a leading developer of high-quality rubber, with a heritage in rubber technology and innovation, and having been used in the industry by professionals and individuals for over 40 years, its easy to see why we love it!

A simple, robust and durable waterproof solution, this tough material is the material of choice for many landscapers and building professionals and is suitable for various lining applications from garden ponds, reservoirs, lakes and lagoons. Specifically designed for garden pond and lake applications, its formulation and production process make it perfectly compatible with aquatic life.

Why Firestone Pond Liner?

Highly durable. EPDM is not affected by weather factors making the liner is incredibly strong; and because of advance manufacturing techniques, it won’t crack or split. The thickness of the liner compared to others available means that it is more robust and therefore has better puncture resistance. Twenty years after installation many water features that were built using this lining are still as functional as the day it was built.

Low maintenance. Having been made not to suffer from algae growth, this liner requires little and in fact virtually no maintenance after installation. In the unlikely event of a puncture, the liner can be repaired on site to minimise cost and inconvenience.

Flexible.: The flexibility of the liner means that it will conform to shelves for planting, waterfalls and vertical structures, allowing for easy installation. Easily shaped to fit the size and contours of any water feature, the flexibility of these liners means more creative freedom and the ability to accomplish even the most challenging of designs.

Human, fish and animal safe. Certified safe for humans, fish and animals and is environmentally friendly.

Onsite joins. Pond liners can be joined together to help achieve more complicated designs.

Here at AB Aquatics, out team have undergone significant training and as such we are certified installers of Firestone EPDM Liners. This means we can alter and install liners on site without voiding warranties or guarantees, which did we mention is a 20 years guarantee?!

By using this type of liner, we can line the most complex shaped ponds or features, with no folds and give a seamless finish making your feature really stand out making it the perfect solution for projects of all shapes, sizes and styles!

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