Pond, Lake and River Restoration

Pond Restoration & River Restoration

Over time ponds and rivers may be affected by damage which is naturally expected simply due to time and weather, while others may suffer from neglect and poor upkeep. Common issues include leaks, damaged or worn liners, eroded banks and invasive plants. As such pond restoration or lake and river restoration may be required.

AB Aquatics are experts when it comes to pond and river restoration and have the high level of skills which are needed in both design and construction for such a complex task. We use a combination of effective techniques, both old and new, which we have developed in order to restore a pond, lake or river to its former glory while maintaining its natural appearance and behaviour as much as possible while taking in to account the site’s specific conditions. Our emphasis is on creating minimal disturbance and being as unobtrusive as we can.

Our portfolio of restoration projects includes both private and commercial clients and ponds, rivers and water features of all shapes and sizes. So, no matter what size your feature, whether it’s a small garden pond, an estate lake or a hidden stretch of river, our experienced team will be able to guide you through the whole process including initial analysis, the technical side of construction and restoration, and the aftercare that will be needed to maintain the area.

Every pond restoration or lake and river restoration will need to be approached differently and the techniques and strategies we use will be unique to that enquiry. Consideration of the area and environment must be taken in to account, particularly if the water area is home to many inhabitants. AB Aquatics are highly experienced and as such are very adaptable to undertake the most challenging projects to restore a pond, lake, river or feature.

The process will often involve de-silting and removal of other debris which will have built up, as well as the repair of leaks and bank erosion and repairs to any structures that may be present.

After completion of the restoration project a good management and maintenance plan should be put in place to reduce the repairs needed in the future. AB Aquatics’ experienced consultants will be more than happy to advise you on a plan, or we can even create it for you as well as carry out the maintenance and management on your behalf, giving you piece of mind that your water feature will be in expert hands.

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