Garden design ideas for your back garden

garden design ideas

Does the space behind your house feel a bit “meh”? We’ve got some great garden design ideas for your back garden that will totally transform it.

If the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic have taught us anything at all – it’s that being outdoors and engaging with nature are essential for human wellbeing. But when your garden is a disappointment it won’t do much to lift your mood. Here are some garden design ideas that may help.

  • Perk up your patio
  • Make room to relax
  • Liven up your lawn
  • Attract wildlife with a simple water feature
  • Build an outdoor kitchen

Perk up your patio

An area of hard standing in your garden that will catch the sun at some point in the day, is a big bonus to any outdoor space. It means that you can leave garden furniture outside all summer. That way it will be ready for you to use on the spur of the moment.

If you already have a patio (or a deck) and it’s in good shape, a good de-clutter and a wash down will make it feel more inviting. Perhaps add some pots of scented herbs or flowers to give it a holiday vibe.

If your hard landscaping is in poor condition, (or non-existent) you may want to consider a professional garden makeover. Talk to the team at AB Aquatics to discover how we can help you.

Make room to relax

It’s always lovely to escape from the pressures of work, family and chores. Creating a bolt-hole in your garden means that you can grab a little bit of ‘me time’ whenever you have the opportunity. Even 10 minutes spent listening to the birds and supping a cup of good coffee can help to restore your mood.

Pop a sturdy seat into a quiet part of the garden – ideally somewhere that can’t be seen from the house. Use tall plants or beautiful garden screening to make the area feel more private and furnish it with cushions and blankets for those chilly days.  Adding lighting will make your arbour into a more romantic spot after dark. A pergola or a parasol will protect you from hot sun.

beautiful patio in black pavers

A beautiful patio like this one can inspire all sorts of other garden design ideas – like outdoor kitchens, comfy furniture, a hot tub and more

Liven up your lawn

Is your lawn nothing more than a depressing mud patch? You’re not alone. Natural grass lawns are wonderful when the grass is healthy and growing well. And it doesn’t take much work to revive a flagging lawn.  Your quickest option is to prepare the soil and lay new turf. It will need a few weeks to bed in before you can use it – but it will look awesome from day 1.

For tips on renovating and caring for your lawn, follow Premier Lawns on YouTube. Robbie’s channel is entertaining and informative.  

Attract wildlife with a simple water feature

Watching butterflies flit around your plot or listening to bird song can truly transform the way you feel about your garden. There are lots of different ways to support wildlife in your garden – from planting pollinator friendly shrubs, to making a green roof or leaving out food for the birds. But the one thing that all wildlife needs is water. They simply cannot survive without it.

You don’t need a full-blown wildlife pond to attract more living things into your garden – although they ARE lovely.  You can make a simple water feature with a large garden pot (find one without drainage holes!) and a few pond plants.

cascading water fall

The sound of running water makes a garden feel relaxing. Add plants to encourage more wildlife to share your pond.

Visit our blog to find out which type of pond plants to choose.  or read how to build a pond on a budget  

Build an outdoor kitchen

Having the tools and equipment to cook outdoors take your lifestyle to a whole new level. Disposable barbecues have their charms, but imaging having a full kitchen with work surfaces, storage, running water and an electricity supply. You could install a barbecue, or even build a pizza oven to feed and entertain family and friends any day of the year.

Building and outdoor kitchen is quite a big project and will probably involve a garden makeover to ensure that you have seating, lighting and great views. But oh boy! It will be worth the upheaval.

AB Aquatics have plenty of experience at landscaping in Dorset and we are able to design and build a garden that you will love.  Need garden design ideas for your back garden? Start by calling Martin on 07880 958486 who will arrange a visit to discuss your ideas.

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