Five Top Trends for your Water Feature in 2019

1. Smart Designs

One hot trend is the use of “smart” technology which can be used alongside Alexa, Siri, and other smart home options. Like so many aspects of our homes and life, you can now integrate this technology with your smart home hub for added convenience, turning them on and off and changing features to reflect the mood you want to set.

2. Eco Warrior

With more and more efforts being placed on environmentally friendly activities in our everyday lives, the garden is no exception. And in actual fact should be one of the easiest places to start but is so often overlooked. 2019 will see emphasis on considering your water footprint. Features and designs will be looking to upcycle as well as reusing resources such as water and wasting as little of it as possible.

3. Keep it Sleek

This trend is already very popular and will not be going anywhere in 2019! With the garden being a place to relax, many want the features of sleek, modern stylings. Boasting clean lines and curves and often feature cascading water designs that incorporate darker greys and silver colours. These can be stand-alone features, or they can also be integrated into existing water elements that you already have, such as a pool or a pond.

4. Go Pondless

Stand-alone water features are one to watch this year. This type of feature has a fountain or other running water elements that allow it to run to ground. The water is collected in an underground tank and sent back to the top. The result is a continuous running water feature that takes up very little space and is easy to clean and maintain.

5. Sheet Waterfalls and Fountains

Rather than a traditional spout, the water from these features comes out as a flat, extended sheet. This creates an elegant look and the increase in surface area provides a louder, but more relaxing sound.

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