Building a Natural Swimming Pond

4 Things you must Consider when Building a Natural Swimming Pond 

Natural swimming pools are becoming increasingly popular but what do you need to consider if you’re thinking of building one in your garden?

1) Is it a Swimming Pond or Swimming Pool you want? 

A swimming pond attracts wildlife, anything from frogs and newts, to algae and debris. So it’s important to consider if this is what you are looking for from your pond, or are you actually looking at ways to cut down costs on a swimming pool? Although there are ways to try and separate an area for swimming from nature by zoning, naturally you may find the two meet on occasion. 

2) Keep things simple

One of the biggest reasons people choose to build a natural swimming pond over a standard pool is of course the cost. However, it’s really easy to get carried away with lots of elements during the design and build stage which of course increase the budget from the outset. Consider a simple shape and don’t go too deep. This will save you from potentially having to re-enforce the walls of the pond.

3) Plants 

Choosing the right plants means that your pond will naturally clean itself (or at least that’s the idea) and will save you the usual maintenance of a traditional pool, as well as keeping down costs and cutting the use of chemicals.

A yearly clean and tidy is usually enough to keep plants from overtaking the pond and help to rid of any debris or algae that may have collected in your swimming pond.

4) Forget the fish! 

If you’re looking to add fish this is going to add another level of care to your swimming pond. Fish bring a huge increase of activity from feeding to waste and therefore helps the growth of algae – which is what turns the water green rather than that beautiful crystal blue you’re longing for. 

Need help designing your swimming pond, or transforming an existing pool into the crystal clear waters you long for? Ask our experts!