Bringing Colour to your Garden in Winter

Winter can be a long season, and many gardens can feel unloved or lacking at this time. But they don’t have to. Here are some of our favourite ways to add some colour and life into your garden during the colder months.

  • Viburnum Tinus

White flowers which grow from pink buds December through to April. Suitable for sun light or areas with a little more shade.

  • Mahonia

A more scented option, vibrant yellow when in flower and with evergreen leaves. Perfect for shaded areas of your garden. It does need cutting back after flowering to keep it from taking over.

  • Chimonanthus Praecox

A deciduous shrub with pendulous yellow blooms. Best in full sun, this shrub will give off an amazing scent.

  • Holly

Who doesn’t love a bit of holly for Christmas? This traditional Christmas icon is an evergreen choice available with red, yellow or orange berries.

  • Callicarpa

A shrub grown for its amazing purple berries that gather on its stems throughout autumn and winter. Do cut it back in spring to encourage berries.

  • Sorbus

A deciduous tree with berries available in white, pink, yellow, orange, red and blue, having small spring flowers and some vibrant autumn colour. They do best in full sun but can survive in slight shaded areas.

If you’d like some advice or help to make you garden look it’s best throughout the winter months, contact one of our team.