2019 Garden Trends

We cannot believe we’re half way through the year already.

We thought we’d bring you the hottest trends we’ve seen of 2019 so far and are set to stay.

  • Veg gardens

Clean eating and veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices and paired with focus being put on the environment and sustainability, more people are turning to growing their own fruit and veg. For larger gardens greenhouses and vegetable plots are being created and for smaller outside areas planters, patio containers and wall planters are being utilised.

  • Bringing the indoors outside

For years people have been wanting to bring the outdoors in with extensions using glass and conservatories creating extensions, but now the tables have turned and we’re taking the indoors out.

Cosy seating areas made to look like sofas with cushions, blankets and all the luxuries of the living room are being used in patio designs. Bright colours and reclaimed materials are on top of the must haves for this trend.

  • Emphasis on the front

First impressions count, and perhaps that’s why people are investing more in to their front gardens, even if it’s a very small area. Taking the time to add character to this area can add value to properties.

  • More than just a garden

People are becoming increasingly aware that their garden is more than just outside space, it’s an environment for an abundance of wildlife. More and more people are keeping this in mind when designing their garden and are including plants that attract pollinators such as butterflies and are using natural ways to control weeds and pests.

  • Wild meadows

We’re seeing more emphasis on keeping it ‘natural’ with a looser, less manicured style of planting. We’re removing all boundaries with this one and mixing everything we have. To get this trend right, really do think meadows!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your garden talk to our experienced team today.

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